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Day 1 – Competitors 17-23

The barista champion of Slovakia, Stanislav Cibula, spent more than 10 years as a bartender, but has switched for the last three to work as a barista. Perhaps that’s why he invented the coffee martini. The Thai barista champion, Sirithai Rangjanthuek, built her signature drink after being inspired by visiting … Read more →

Day 1 – Competitors 9-16

Russian Champion, Olga Melik-Karakozova, had many people in the audience showing support by waving her nation’s tri-colored flag and cheering loudly for her efforts. The Colombian champion represented his country well but fell into trouble when one of his signature drinks tumbled on the judges’ table. Spanish barista champion, Chiara … Read more →

Day 1 – Competitors 1-8

The day started off with a big bolt of energy in the form of Austrian champion, Goran Huber. “Simply said,” he said, “coffee is my life.” His passion for the bean and the craft of the barista was evident from the get go, and it was a great way to … Read more →

23 competitors, 9 hours, 1 day

Well the sun has set here in Tokyo, and Day One of the 2007 WBC has drawn to a close, and I feel like there’s only one word to describe it all: Unbelievable! No really, unbelievable! Who would have ever thought you could go through a top-notch barista competition, let … Read more →

Red, White & Freedom

By Guest Author Kyle Larson Well, I really don’t know where to start. My dear friends at Barista Magazine have offered me refuge for the week at BMWHQ (Barista Magazine World Head Quarters) as I am in transition from Portland to Seattle. Tonight, I realized my vocal support of past … Read more →

Meet and Greet

The WBC board organized a barista meet and greet event tonight at the hotel many of the competitors are staying at in Tokyo. It was a new addition to this year’s WBC. All the competing baristas and their coaches (or friend, amigo, partner, whathaveyou) were invited to enjoy some sake, … Read more →

Rule Changes

Two rule changes seemed like they would have a major effect on the competition. For the first time at a WBC, competitors will be allowed to set the judges’ table during their preparation time instead of during their performance time. The second rule change is in the way the judging … Read more →

Record Setter

Forty-eight countries are represented here in Tokyo, a new record for the World Barista Championship. A few, however, have yet to arrive, and the number that compete over the next two days may be 45.The hall filled early this morning as the competitors gathered for their meeting. After each competitor … Read more →

Meanwhile, back in Portland…

Kyle is a great cook, as those of you who heard about his Turducken masterpiece at Christmas last year know. Usually when Ken is off on a trip and I’m here at home, I live on beer and sandwiches. But Kyle made a bitchen breakfast today when my lazy butt … Read more →

Big Site in View

Well, my dad and I have just completed our trans-Pacific journey and have checked into our hotel. I opened the window, and what do I see but this, the Tokyo Big Site: The Big Site is very bold and dramatic and looks like the world barista championship will be well-suited … Read more →

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