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Down time? Hardly.

We always like to think we’ll get to slow down and breathe in December, given Coffee Fest Seattle is behind us and we don’t have another coffee event to travel to until January. But for some reason, it never works out that way. Not that we’re complaining however: the coffee … Read more →

Good Grief

All right, it’s not so much that I’m against Christmas (no matter what Bill O’Rielly might want you to believe.) In fact, I think Christmas is pretty great. I love hanging out with my family and friends and having all the good holiday cheer and what not. This year looks … Read more →

introducing…. Kevin

I’m not normally one to discuss politics too openly, as for many it’s a heated and passionate topic. But in this case, I wanted to introuduce you to Australia’s new Prime Minister. Last Saturday 24th November we held our Federal election, and Australia voted in a new government and a … Read more →

Dr. Todd Whiskers

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Both yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful Portland fall days: bright sunshine, oh-so-crisp air. I just got back from taking the dog to play tennis ball at the park, and now we’re both warming up from the briskness. Ken and I spent Thanksgiving day at his … Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everybody here at Barista Magazine wishes everyone everywhere a very Happy Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day as it’s affectionately known by my nephews. Above you see members of Turkey’s parliament fighting over the last of the pumpkin pie. Those of you who may be unfamiliar with Thanksgiving will find this video … Read more →

Rainy Days And Stew Gone By

It rains a lot in Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest in general can become rather gray and dismal around these approaching winter months, but Seattle has the notoriety of representing this fact.  Often times you will hear the debate between Portlanders and Seattle-ites over who has the most gloom to offer … Read more →

Props to Clover

I just came across this amazing article in The Economist about our pals at The Coffee Equipment Company and their baby genius, the Clover 1s. Ken and I have been pals with the folks at Clover since the get-go. The whole crew came to our wedding a few weeks ago … Read more →

How We Roll

It’s amazing how many people think Ken and I must be these great baristas ourselves because we have a magazine about great baristas. I don’t see the logic. I mean, back when I was a music critic for the Oakland Tribune in the Bay Area, it was widely understood throughout … Read more →

Heading North

Ken is packing the car so we can leave in about half an hour for Seattle. We’ll get there and set up our booth before we hunt down friends we haven’t seen for a while like these two and (well, not my mom, but Rhiana, Kyle’s girlfriend) and this hippie … Read more →

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