2nd Term Barista Champs

Maybe I’m just getting way too excited about the coming World Barista Championship in June in London, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this year’s roster of champs. I think it’s pretty cool that there are a handful of baristas who were so determined to get another chance at the international crown that they somehow managed to win their national title again the very next year—in this day and age of barista competitions, that’s a darn tough thing to do.

This guy did it:

Colin Harmon, two-time Barista Champion of Ireland.

And this lovely lady did it, too.

Yara Castanho, Barista Champion of Brasil, 2009 and 2010.

Let’s not forget this guy…

Money Mike Phillips, who just recaptured the U.S. Barista Championship title for the second year in a row (something no other U.S. barista has been able to do)

Nor could we forget this barista…

Auren Chacón, who was the youngest barista in the World Barista Championship in 2009, held fast to the title of Barista Champion of Costa Rica again this year.

Then there’s this guy, who has been his country’s barista champ for so many years, we can’t remember anyone else…

Raul Rodas, Barista Champion of Guatemala

So readers, let me ask you this: what other WBC trivia do you have swimming around in your heads? Tell us what you’re excited about as we count down the days toward the 11th Annual World Barista Championship—as always, we would love to hear from you.

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