Competitors #19—#23

A quick note: competitor #18, South Africa, originally scheduled to compete at the end of day one, isn’t here yet. Hopefully he’ll make it soon, and will be scheduled into the mix. #19 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF BELGIUM DETLEV BATTIAU Detlev, introducing himself as a freelance barista, begins his preparation by … Read more →

Competitors #11—#17

#11 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF FINLAND MIKKO HAAHTI Mikko is the second barista I’ve heard today (first was Soren of Denmark) who proudly tells the judges he’s using a blend containing Edwin Martinez’s Finca Vista Hermosa of Guatemala. Big cheers come from he audience, where Edwin and his wife, Nina, are … Read more →

Competitors #6—#10

#6 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF NORWAY CHRIS KOLBU Chris is super smooth from the very beginning, obviously well versed in his coffee origins and characters. Chris used two coffees, one in his espresso and one in his cappuccino. For his signature drink, used both coffees, one as a foam and one … Read more →

Competitors #1—#5

#1 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF ARGENTINA MARIA ROGELIA RETAMOZO Right on schedule, the national champion of Argentina, Maria Rogelia Retamozo, took the stage. There are a few glitches as we come out of the gate here — like photographers leaning on Maria’s prep table (ahem!. But Maria is handling it with … Read more →

Counting Down the Minutes

Everyone’s accounted for here at the WBC event space. It’s just a matter of waiting until 11:45 a.m. when Argentina takes the stage. While we wait, here are some scenes from around the competition stage and the trade show… Above, the madness in the competitors prep area begins… Above, Team … Read more →

On the ground in CPH

Sarah and I are back in our hotel room, munching on cheap pizza before we fall into a deep jet-lagged slumber. But to be back means that we first went out, and we did. In fact, we spent all of 20 minutes in the hotel, when we arrived on our … Read more →

Hood River Barista Jam!

I waited a bit to post this because I wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to read all of Emily’s great post about her time in Wellington, New Zealand. If you missed it, it’s still here — just scroll down below my post. SO! The First Annual Hood … Read more →

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