Finland's Business Plan Wins!

When all of the business plans were submitted and reviewed by the investors, Team Finland walked away with the most cash and investor support for their café. Investors were impressed by Café Avec, the Finnish proposal, for among other reasons because of its incorporation of selling handmade local goods, and … Read more →

The Future Coffee Shop -

Visions from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark Down to business: The five Nordic Barista Cup teams assembled at 10:45 a.m. to present their visions for their dream cafés to potential investors. In this case, the investors were members of the NBC Board—Matts Johansson, Andreas Kragh, Ave Pilt, Addy Hedinsdottir, … Read more →

Meet the Judges

The NBC has a new set of judges this year, as it does every year. But unlike past years where each judge was responsible for judging all aspects of one team, this year each judge has one responsibility for every team. Sonja from Iceland will judge each team on their … Read more →

Inspiration Nation

Eight o’clock in the morning came early today for the attendees of the 2007 Nordic Barista Cup; they arrived sleepily, stifling yawns. But upon entry to the big white tent within which five future coffee shops will be born, developed and presented over the course of the next three days, … Read more →

The NBC Wants YOU!

So here’s the deal, we’ll be posting all day tomorrow, and after the teams present their business plans for their Café of the Future, we will update the blog with descriptions, and if available supporting material (such as powerpoint presentations.) What everyone here would like to happen next is this: … Read more →

What You do for the Money!

Ok, so when you have a competition where the only rule is there are no rules, it’s true it can be a little difficult to tell who wins. What’s happened in the past is the judges retire to a room somewhere where they go over all of their scoresheets from … Read more →

Volunteer Power!

In an effort to involve baristas from around the world, Nordic Barista Cup organizers offer a unique opportunity to be a part of this amazing event to coffee lovers willing to work: volunteer to help with set up, running, managing, and multi-tasking, and in exchange you get to attend the … Read more →

Building the NBC

Ok, so the weather here in Gothenburg has begun to change. The locals say tonight it switches from Summer to Winter. No Autumn this year. They say it should be 1 Celsius tonight. That’s pretty chilly even for those of us who don’t use the metric system. But the weather … Read more →

Welcome to Gothenburg!

We’ve arrived in Gothenburg and checked in to our hotel. Already run into Jens Norgaard of Café Europa and one of the organizers of the event and David Latourelle from Clover. We’ll be popping over to see the competition site in just a minute. This town is very cool. It’s … Read more →

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