Hey, that's some bad coffee

We spend a lot of time here at Barista Magazine writing about, thinking about and drinking some awesome coffees. Turns out, however, that a lot of other people out there don’t. So instead of a five best coffee drinks, here’s a list of the five worst. The list, note, is … Read more →

My latest Guardian article

I sometimes freelance for The Guardian about coffee related issues, and my latest rant, this time on laptop use and free Wi-Fi in cafes, is up HERE. Interestingly, in writing this, I contacted James and Anette at Square Mile to ask about whether this issue is active in London (considering … Read more →

Six grand and go

Here’s a story from CNN today about a woman in Boston, Lucy Valena, who just opened her own coffee company, Voltage Coffee, a mobile espresso catering gig, with $2,000 of her own money and a $4,000 loan from Sam Adams (no not Porltand’s mayor Sam Adams) the brewery. Why the … Read more →

Wait… What's Your Name Again?

Have you ever spent years working your way up in the mob after having been sent undercover as a rat into the police academy? Or vice versa? I know these things happen to Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio all the time, but who knew that they could happen at your … Read more →

Talking About Coffee

Over on James Hoffmann’s blog, ( where he is under a self-imposed video blogging marathon, he recently had a post up about the different ways people talk about their experiences with food versus with coffee. Primarily, he says, when talking about food, most people immediately talk about the texture they’re … Read more →

Ice It For The Ladies

It’s officially summer, even here in oft-drizzly Portland, Ore., and that means one of my favorite coffee beverages is in heavy rotation again: iced coffee. I just had a slammin’ cup at a new Portland cafe the other day—Red E in North Portland is serving up single origins they feel … Read more →

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