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IRPI Engineer/PSU Ph.D. student Drew Wollman demonstrates the intended camera field of view for astronauts to film their own tests of the space cup.

Espresso In Outer Space: New Cup Design Makes It Possible

By Michelle Z. Donahue SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Something as simple as drinking from an open container on Earth can be outright dangerous in space. But an innovative new cup will soon allow astronauts to enjoy a fresh demitasse of espresso while in orbit, thanks to the magic of math. In … Read more →

Inside Gesha Forest

The Origin of Geisha

One of the most beautiful parts of being in the coffee industry is the magic and mystery that surrounds so much coffee history. And while we will never know if Kaldi’s goats really danced, we might be closer to finding out the truth behind coffee’s other great legend: the origin … Read more →


What’s inside your cup of coffee?

Here at Barista Magazine if there are two things we love, they’re science and Wired magazine! Ok, we love a lot more than two things obviously. I mean we’ve got to have coffee on that list, right? And cafe culture and the worldwide community of baristas, farmers and coffee professionals … Read more →