Peet’s Buys Diedrich

Some interesting news out in the last couple of days that Peet’s, the coffee roaster and retailer out of Emeryville, Calif., has bought Irvine, Calif.-based, Diedrich Coffee. Here’s the story from the L.A. Times. The deal is reportedly worth around $213 million. The acquisition will help Peet’s expand its wholesale … Read more →

Hurricane Hits Nicaragua

Hurricane Ida barreled into eastern Nicaragua today just north of Bluefields. The storm’s trajectory is expected to carry it north through Honduras before possibly returning to the sea where it may regain strength before heading further north toward Mexico. Multiple homes, businesses and farms are reported destroyed in Nicaragua and … Read more →

Ethiopia in flux

Here’s an interesting five-minute video from World Focus, a public television news show, about the status of coffee growing in coffee’s birthplace Bonga, Ethiopia. As we’ve seen in coffee growing regions around the world, when coffee farmers can’t find the markets or prices for their crops, the temptation is strong … Read more →

The Good, the Bad and the Sad

Well, I guess I don’t know about the middle label, but here are a few stories around the world of coffee that I found interesting today. First, here’s a story from Boston about a couple of new coffee shops that are looking to build a following based on a West … Read more →

Ethiopia Faces Drought and Food Crisis

A four-year drought affecting much of the Horn of Africa, including the coffee-growing countries of Ethiopia and Kenya, has led the UN to request a massive increase in food aide to stave off the very real threat of food shortages and a return to starvation levels akin to those faced … Read more →

The DaVinci Kids

I just saw this in the Seattle Times, and wanted to be sure to give some well-deserved recognition to all of our friends at DaVinci Gourmet, the Seattle-based syrup manufacturer and part of Kerry Foodservices. Since 2006, DaVinci has raised and donated more than a half-million dollars to the nonprofit … Read more →

Bee Bounce Back?

In the June/July issue, we reported on a new program sponsored by Monin called Syrup to Bees where out-of-date syrup is being used as honey bee food to help support colonies struggling with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). CCD has affected bee colonies around the world and apiarists (people who raise … Read more →

News that maybe you can use

Some quick news items today from the world of coffee. Proving that the recession has not affected all sectors of the economy (or even all coffee retailers) equally, Peet’s coffee exceeded Wall Street’s predicted earnings. Showing the ability to seize the moment, when  Detroit, Mich., coffee shop owner, Raymone Crowe, … Read more →

The Three Bs

Time Out New York says the market (and the public’s perception) is rapidly changing for three hot jobs. Before they were the object of magazine profiles and reality shows, chefs were considered little more than skilled laborers. In fact, it wasn’t until 1977 that the U.S. Department of Labor even … Read more →

What's Up in Ethiopia?

Last August, the Ethiopian government mandated that all coffee must be traded through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), eliminating direct trade with specialty coffee producers. In a recent paper, a writer in the Ethiopian Review examines this decision and its effect on the coffee market. The author writes: “As it … Read more →

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