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Amazing Race Pre-Game

I dropped Ken and his dad, the amazing and wonderful Bruce Olson, off at the airport today, and as I type this, they are on their way to Tokyo. I pretty much think Bruce and Ken are the two people I know who have the best chance at winning the … Read more →

See you in Tokyo!

We’re leaving for the airport in just over an hour. I’ve got to drink a pot of Guatemalan SHB before then or else face the scalding Coffee People offering at PDX. Luckily I have Sarah to help me out. She’ll be driving my dad and me to the airport, and … Read more →

Klaus' new digs

Right now, as you read this, I am hoping Klaus Thomsen–our World Barista Champion for six more days–is sitting in a bar somewhere in Tokyo having a brew-ski. The dude deserves it. He’s been an amazing champion, traveling the world to assist at barista competitions from South Africa to Long … Read more →

Kiss my ass, Vick

No, I don’t mean Stephen. He’s a nice guy. I’m talking about Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons QB who was indicted on felony dogfighting charges. Me and my dog, Cade, say, “You’re going down, Michael Vick! Or should we just call you Scum of the Earth? No wait — you don’t … Read more →

Japan Preparation

In my ongoing effort to prepare myself for visiting Tokyo, I took a moment (or 1/2 hour precisely) to watch the “Mr. F” episode of Arrested Development last night. It’s the episode where Gob builds a model train set which is then set up to fool the Bluth’s Japanese investors … Read more →

Now open: Barista Magazine Cafe!

Just kidding. Even if we had the time to take on another project, we sure as heck don’t have any barista skills. Funny story: when Ken and I lived in Seattle, I worked for Zoka doing marketing and Ken was freelance writing and editing full-time. Now, anyone who has ever … Read more →

Two More Days

Ok, so last night I didn’t sleep very well at all. It’s amazing how many things you can remember that you need to do before a trip while you’re lying in bed, and only while you’re lying in bed! So in one side of my brain at 4am is this … Read more →


It’s a beautiful summer morning here in Portland, and as usual we’re starting off with a nice french press. We’ve recently added a large café-style airpot to our routine. Previously we had an old green thermos that we kept our brewed coffee in. The airpot is a terrific addition, though … Read more →

This is how much Ken loves Brandon Roy

I thought that now — considering B-Roy’s b-day was yesterday — was the best time to post this photo of Ken. He dragged me to a car dealership in NE Portland to get stuff autographed by Brandon Roy. Ken was so nervous he couldn’t even talk. I said “Go Huskies!” … Read more →

Happy Birthday B-Roy!

Brandon Roy, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year, star of the mighty Portland Trailblazers turns 23 today! I remember when he was just a kid.

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