Scandinavian Coffee Beers


I’m totally obsessing on coffee beers lately. We have plenty to choose from in the United States, but do you ever wonder what specialty roasters are doing abroad? When it comes to beer, they’re doing lots!

Here are three coffee beers we’re salivating over right now:


by Evil Twin Brewing
Made in partnership with The Coffee Collective
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description: This is truly a beautiful brown ale boosted with a delightful aroma of citrus, spice and gourmet Keini, Kenya Beans from The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen – the result is amazing, lusty and incoherent – yes, it’s your wildest desires in a bottle. Close your eyes and let the drops do the talking. Enjoy y’all.

Style: Brown Ale 
Brewed: Westbrook Brewing Co, SC 
ABV: 6



by HaandBryggeriet
Made in partnership with Lippe Kaffebrenneri
Drammen, Norway

Description: Coffee grounds present in the beer; smokey and grassy flavor. Brown sugar mouthfeel, not too heavy.

Style: American Porter
Brewed: HaandBryggeriet
ABV: 6.2





by Mekkeller
Made in partnership with Koppi
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description: This American-style IPA is notable for its dense head and flavors of citrus, particularly lemon and grapefruit. Full body and flavor, the citrus mixes in a strong balance with the acids of the coffee.

Style: IPA
Brewed: Mikkeller ApS
ABV: 6.9

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