Barista Magazine Coffee Events Calendar

Welcome to the Barista Magazine Coffee Events Calendar!

At Barista Magazine we support the international coffee community whenever and wherever we can. If you’re looking for coffee events near or far, this is the place to find them!

Got an event you want to promote? Let us know, email, and we’ll include you on our coffee events calendar!


Temple Coffee offers coffee cuppings and/or tastings free to the public at its roastery every Friday at 2 p.m.
2829 S Street, Sacramento, Calif., 95816
Phone: 916.454.1282




ExpoEspeciale Café de Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
October 2-5


Barista Guild of Europe Camp – Greece
Eden Beach, Athens, Greece
October 5-8

Barista Guild of America Camp
Rancho Mirage, California
October 6-9


Big Western Coffee Competitions
Rancho Mirage, California
October 7-10


Let’s Talk Coffee
Panama City, Panama
October 9-12


Caffeine Crawl
Kansas City, Missouri
October 11-12


Caffeine Crawl
Portland, Oregon
October 16-17


Barista Nation Portland 
Portland, Oregon
October 17-19


Coffee Fest Portland Featuring the Latte Art Championship
Portland, Oregon
October 17-19


Trieste, Italy
October 23-25




MANE (Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Coffee Conference)
Providence, Rhode Island
November 7-8


Big Central Coffee Competitions
Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 7-9


Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
Kaulua-Kona, Hawaii
November 7-16


Caffeine Crawl
Indianapolis, Indiana
November 8


San Jose, Costa Rica
November 12-15


Café Show Seoul + World Coffee Leaders Forum
Seoul, South Korea
November 19-23


Spotted Cow
Mill Creek, Washington
November 20


Big Eastern Coffee Competitions
Durham, North Carolina
November 21-23




Rimini, Italy
January 17-21 


Barista Guild of America Camp
Buford, Georgia
January 26-29



Coffee Fest Atlanta
Marietta, Georgia
February 6-8


US Coffee Championships
Long Beach, California
February 19-22



APRIL 2015

World Barista Championship
Seattle, Washington
April 9-12


Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo
Seattle, Washington
April 9-12


JUNE 2015


Coffee Fest Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
June 5-7


SCAE World of Coffee
Gothenburg, Sweden
June 16-18