A little somethin' extra

When I went to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to interview and photograph Jon Lewis for the August/September issue of Barista Magazine, I took hundreds and hundreds of photos. Jessica, Barista Magazine’s amazing art director, was able to incorporate an incredible number of them into her layout for the article (partially because the article is LONG. One of my longest ever). But still, there were plenty that didn’t get used. Here are some of my favorites.

Jon in the boat

We went out to Newman Lake, Wash., so I could see the Bumper Crop roasting facility, and I got to meet Malcolm Wicks, one of Jon’s partners. After talking coffee for a long time, we grabbed a bottle of Chimay and Malcolm took us on a motor boat ride around the lake.


We went to Spokane one day so I could meet the third member of the Bumper Crop posse, Zac. An awesome guy. And on the way back, we stopped at Grinders, the cafe where Jon has done all his barista competition prep. This is Grinders. Malcolm owns Grinders.

Truck at market

I hung out at the Kootenai County Farmers Market with Jon all day. Here he is hopping into his espresso truck, which is the vehicle for the business he and Kendall own, Long Story Short Coffee.

Jon and Aya

Some of the best times we had during my visit were just hanging out at Jon and Kendall’s house with their daughter, Aya, who is truly one of the coolest, sweetest kids I’ve ever met. She loves her football. But she loves her daddy more.

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