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Every two years, we change up our Editorial Advisory Board here at Barista Magazine. We bid a fond farewell to the roster of folks who have served us well, pitching ideas, giving me feedback on stories and concepts for the magazine, and being general sounding boards for us.

I’ve always hand-picked the Editorial Advisory Board in the past, but I thought this year maybe I would ask you out there if you had any suggestions for our new group. I like to have a good mix of men and women, of folks from different countries and from different backgrounds in coffee. It’s not an arduous job but it’s an important one, insofar as I count on you guys to keep me in check, to offer insights from the front lines and hopefully continue to help steer Barista Magazine in the direction that our readership most wants us to be moving toward.

I’ll be determining the new 10 or 12 people who will comprise Barista Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board for 2011–13 in the next few weeks, and will debut them in the February/March issue of Barista Mag. If you’re interested, or if you have someone in mind who you think would make a good candidate, please comment to this post with information on why you or that person is qualified and has potential to help us in our quest to continue to be relevant and current with professional retailer and barista culture. (Note: I’m not asking you guys to email me because I’d like this to be public, as the Editorial Advisory Board is listed in print in every issue).

Finally, a giant round of applause and cheers to the outstanding group that has comprised Barista Mag’s Board for the last two years. Thanks, guys!

Holly Bastin, PT’s Coffee (Kansas)

Gabriel Boscana, Ecco Caffe (California)

Bjørg Brend, Cafe Europa 1989 (Denmark)

Shane Devereaux, Habit Coffee + Culture (Canada)

Jon Lewis, CoE (Montana)

Scott Lucey, Alterra (Wisconsin)

Erin Meister, Counter Culture (New York)

Emily Oak, AIR (Australia)

Christopher Owens, Intelligentsia (California)

Klaus Thomsen, Coffee Collective (denmark)

Zak Rye, The Ugly Mug (Michigan)

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Sarah Allen is co-founder and editor of Barista Magazine, the international trade magazine for coffee professionals. A passionate advocate for baristas, quality, and the coffee community, Sarah has traveled widely to research stories, interact with readers, and present on a variety of topics affecting specialty coffee. She also loves animals, swimming, ice cream, and living in Portland, Oregon.