Caffeine Kids


There are two thing in my life which are very dear to me – one is coffee, and the other (and the favourite!) is my 2 year old son, Oscar.

As a typical offspring of a coffee industry person, Oscar has spent much of his life around roasteries, espresso equipment and coffee in general, and through observation has developed a strong attachement.



Whilst he’s only recently learned to say ‘cawfee’ in a fabulous Brooklyn-esque accent, for as long as I can remember Oscar has enjoyed drinking coffee of any variety (ristretto, milk based espresso and more often than not french press at home with me) whenever he is given the opportunity.

Being concerned about the caffeine intake of my child, he does not by any means get unlimited access to coffee, but the bits and pieces he does have he drinks with great enthusiasm.

It could just be that he wants to emulate his mum as many kids do, but from everything I’ve seen, I believe he’s truely enjoying the beverage, which is great, as it means his experience is not caffeine driven but taste driven.  

He also happily enjoys decafe which I’ve taken to drinking around him for the sake of my peace of mind.

I often get startled looks when I tell people that Oscar enjoys sips of coffee purely for the taste. Many people I’ve spoken to in the industry here in Australia allow their kids the occasional experience as I do but perhaps that is only as we’re a little more comfortable with the product, and on the whole, are spoiled with the quality we might expect.

When it comes to caffeine and kids (and perhaps not just coffee, but cola, chocolate, tea etc) what do people think? Is it Ok in little bits, or a no go?

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