Portland Trailblazers


Hey there, out there in the internets. I feel like a loser because I haven’t posted since Monday. When Ken and I started this blog, we vowed to post all the time, and seriously, we do a lot. But we’ve been preoccupied with something besides coffee and Barista Magazine lately: … Read more →

D'oh! Tough Break in P-Town!

Well the silver lining is that maybe the Blazers will get the number one pick next year too. Our number one pick, Greg Oden, is lost for the season with microfracture surgery on his knee. Now we’ll depend even more on our guys Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Jarrett Jack … Read more →

Tomato Bob

Ever since Kyle moved to Seattle, I’m finding myself with spare pocket money. We had a happy habit of post-work beers at the Clinton Street Pub. Now that he’s gone though, I’ve found something new to invest my spare dollars in: heirloom tomatoes. Portland has an incredible local grocery store … Read more →

This is how much Ken loves Brandon Roy

I thought that now — considering B-Roy’s b-day was yesterday — was the best time to post this photo of Ken. He dragged me to a car dealership in NE Portland to get stuff autographed by Brandon Roy. Ken was so nervous he couldn’t even talk. I said “Go Huskies!” … Read more →

Happy Birthday B-Roy!

Brandon Roy, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year, star of the mighty Portland Trailblazers turns 23 today! I remember when he was just a kid.

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