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WBC Champ Alejandro Mendez to Open Concept Café in Madison, Wisc.

El Salvador’s Alejandro Mendez—the 2011 World Barista Champion—set to open 5th Element Coffee in Madison and focus exclusively 0n Salvadoran coffees Alejandro Mendez, 2011 World Barista Champion, has chosen Madison, Wisconsin to launch his first venture in the United States.  The neighborhood concept coffee bar, 5th Element Coffee, will be located at … Read more →


Double-Decker Coffee Bus to Become a Reality

By Jeremy Martin SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Coffee people have in common an interest in discovering and experiencing new cafés, and yet still, most of us have a single favorite spot that we go back to time and time again, a place we enjoy hanging out, sipping coffee, doing homework, … Read more →

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Cuvée Coffee’s New Bar Changes the Tide on Customer Flow

By Jeremy Martin SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE The culture of the specialty-coffee café has always been synonymous with cool—from the style of the spaces, to the innovative buying practices of the roasters, to the equipment and brewing methods utilized in the space. One thing, however, has remained stagnant: the flow … Read more →

Renovated garage doors keep with the same tradition of the space's predecessor, a transmission shop. Photo by Ray Di Pietro

Nashville’s Barista Parlor Partners With Black Keys Vocalist/Guitarist to Open Golden Sound In Historic Recording Studio

The Much-Anticipated Cafe Opens Today. By Kirstina Bolton SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE In May of this year, the Nashville-based coffee shop, Barista Parlor, celebrated its two-year anniversary. While neighbors and visitors listened to live music and ate their way through local food trucks during the festivities, owner Andy Mumma had his … Read more →


First Look: The New Coava Coffee

On Friday, I had the chance to drop by the new Coava Coffee location at 2631 SE Hawthorne in Portland for its grand opening. The new space is very cool and very different from Coava’s original location. Whereas the original cafe was designed more as a destination, and as a tasting … Read more →


Introducing Scout Coffee, San Luis Obispo’s Hottest New Café

SCOUT COFFEE 1130 Garden Street San Luis Obispo, California WEBSITE Seriously, we’re not writing about this cafe because we love how similar the name is to Barista Magazine’s app; I’ve been following the progress of this coffeehouse located in Southern California’s San Luis Obispo ever since it was an unnamed … Read more →

TMF’s brew bar will feature Aero Press, Chemex, Hario Pour Overs and French Press offerings.

Taylor Maid Farms Opens New Bay Area Digs!

Happy opening day to our friends at Taylor Maid Farms in Sebastopol, California. For those of you not familiar with that area of Northern California, it’s some of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen, hitched right alongside the famous Napa Valley. The doors to Taylor Maid Farms’ Organic Coffee … Read more →

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