Keep the cups in order if you want to focus on understanding your brew and/or extraction better. Mix them up and taste them blind if you want to challenge and train your palate.

The World Brewers Cup Champ’s Winning Recipe

World Brewers Cup Champ Tetsu Kasuya’s winning method explained BY JOSHUA DUSK-PEEBLES SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Tetsu Kasuya of Japan just won the 2016 World Brewers Cup with a method that was simultaneously time-honored and cutting-edge. Hario v60. 15:1. Five pours. Classic. But the thing is, each pour was swift and … Read more →

Almost ready to press

AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 2

Three new ways to brew with an AeroPress BY JOSHUA DUSK-PEBBLES SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Part 1 of this story, which included the first of three recipes, appears HERE. CONCEPT 2: AEROSHAKER What you need besides an AeroPress: Get your hands on the plunger from a second AeroPress.   How it’s … Read more →

Shake the cup back and forth until all the floating coffee drops into the water

AeroPress Creativity Primer, Part 1

Three new ways to brew with an AeroPress BY JOSHUA DUSK-PEEBLES SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Too often, creativity in brewing ends up being relegated to a small percentage of people who are participating in coffee competitions. The rest of the baristas are given recipes and strategies, and asked to make … Read more →

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.28.02 PM

Ritual Coffee’s $12 Cup

A $12 cup of coffee at Ritual in San Francisco highlights wage discrepancy for pickers BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE It’s nearly impossible to be a barista today and not have to defend the price of coffee. You can usually identify the person who’s going to question it as … Read more →

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