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Teams had a blast running through various challenges—including this cup stacking game—on the first night of camp.

European Barista Camp Takes Over Pärnu, Estonia

The annual European Barista Camp gains Eastern European attendance in third year As if by magic, the first Roaster Guild of Europe Camp was packed up and finished, and the Barista Guild of Europe Camp appeared in its place, thanks to careful planning and extraordinary organization by the guild’s working group … Read more →


The Barista League Rolls Into Helsinki

One wild night of Barista League excitement, innovation, and teamwork for Finland BY MIKE AKINS SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Having lavished the southern Nordic countries with the first four installments of its epic, 100%-for-fun competition events, The Barista League headed north to Helsinki, Finland, for event number five on Saturday, … Read more →


Competitive Coffee Lets Loose: The Barista League

The Barista League Brings Baristas, Brewing Methods and Beers Together for a Fun Take on Coffee Competitions BY MIKE AKINS SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE No doubt about it—the title of World Barista Champion is the most impressive one can achieve in the global specialty-coffee industry. But can the WBC champ … Read more →


The Resurrected Bay Area Coffee Community

Yoga, storytelling, palate development—the Bay Area Coffee Community is about a lot more than throwdowns BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE The Bay Area Coffee Community (BACC) is an organization with two distinct phases. Originally founded in early 2013, the BACC was meant to foster community and engagement throughout San … Read more →


UPDATE: Green buyer Adam Koehler Recovering from Devastating Bike Accident in Oakland

After sustaining extensive physical injuries resulting from being hit by a car while biking in Oakland on September 26, Adam Koehler is slowly improving, but still needs your help Editor’s note: Regular Barista Magazine contributor Ashley Rodriguez works with Adam Koehler at Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco, and wrote about his accident right after it … Read more →

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