World Barista Championship

2011 WBC Finalist Número Quatro

Alejandro Mendez, the fourth competitor of the day, set the crowd on fire with his performance. As the first barista from El Salvador to make the finals, the Colombian audience obviously felt a sense of solidarity with their fellow coffee producing countryman. Alejandro worked with Stephen Leighton of Has Bean … Read more →

2011 WBC Finalist Número Tres

The third barista competitor of the day, Matt Perger, the Australian champion just finished his routine. He featured a coffee from a farm in Tanzania called clouds. The judges’ table had a topographic map carved in wood of the farm, and Matt used it to show where on the farm … Read more →

2011 WBC Finalist Número Dos

Miki Suzuki, barista champion of Japan, was our second competitor of the day, and as always she was unflappable. Though her microphone cut out from time to time, she didn’t miss a beat and the judges followed right along with her espresso-based exploration of acids. Building from her espressos to … Read more →

2011 WBC Finalist Número Uno

The 2011 WBC Finals are officially underway. The first competitor of the day, Spain’s Javier Garcia. Javier, a natural showman, used his music, attitude and boisterous supporters to really get the championship round off to a terrific start. 2011 marks the first year that a Spanish competitor has reached the … Read more →

Your 2011 WBC Finalists

Your 2011 WBC Finalists are: 1. Javier Garcia – Spain 2. Miki Suzuki – Japan 3. Matt Perger – Australia 4. John Gordon – UK 5. Alejandro Mendez – El Salvador 6. Pete Licata – USA Great job everyone!

2011 WBC Semifinalists 9-12

High- energy barista, Stephanos Domatiotis, the barista champion of Greece, created a signature drink inspired his own cafe’s customers. His customers don’t all like the same things, so why think the judges here would either? Instead he offers two versions of his sig drink made with syphons. One features Sidamo … Read more →

2011 WBC semifinals 1-4

Spanish champion, Javier Garcia started the competition off this morning with a high energy performance that got the whole crowd energized. Australian champion, Matt Perger, followed with a routine that saw him creating his signature drink on the fly with input from the judges. John Gordon, UK champion, competed third. … Read more →

Your 2011 WBC Semifinalists

The twelve WBC Semifinalists are: 1. Javier Garcia – Spain 2. Jose de la Pena – Guatemala 3. HyunSun Choi – Korea 4. Lina Zea – Colombia 5. John Gordon – UK 6. Miki Suzuki – Japan 7. Ricardo Azofefifa Mora – Costa Rica 8. Stefanos Domatiotis – Greece 9. … Read more →

WBC Day Two – Special Edition

Then final competitor of the day gets a post all his own because his performance is really all about all baristas. Patrick Vilhelmsson, barista champion of Bulgaria, made it to Bogota for the competition. Unfortunately, none of his supplies or equipment did. Still he was able to perform here at … Read more →

WBC Day Two Continued

The competition continues to roll on, and we’re now down to the final three competitors of the afternoon. Then the 12 semifinalists will be announced later this afternoon. I can honestly say Y that after watching almost all of the competitors more than 12 deserve to move on, but that’s … Read more →

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