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New issue, starring Stephen Morrissey

Criminy, how did it get to be August already? Feels like only yesterday that it was June and we were in Copenhagen, Denmark, watching Stephen Morrissey, Barista Champion of Ireland, win the 9th Annual World Barista Championship… As has been our tradition from the inception of Barista Magazine in 2005, … Read more →

That Last Crazy Night

After the end of Sunday’s monumental World Barista Championship Awards Ceremony, everyone was flying on pure adrenaline. It had been a long, hyper intense day of finalist performances, and emotions and the noise level were both running high — especially for this guy (2008 WBC Champ Stephen Morrissey addresses the … Read more →


Here we are! It’s crazy to believe that we made it to this point after three long days of preliminary competition. There are probably 1000 people packed into this small, tight room. First things first: the judges are: WBC Final Round Judges Head Judge: Justin Metcalf, Australia Technical Judge: Arthur … Read more →

Our 2008 WBC Finalists

Was it the heat in the WBC area multiplied by the hundred of people who showed up to hear the announcement of the barista championship finalists, or simply the knot of emotion about what was to come in the pits of all of our stomachs that made the experience of … Read more →

Some scenes from the WBC…

We’ve shown you photos of each competitor, but of course there is a lot more going on here that you haven’t seen, so as we wait for the announcement of the six barista champions who will go on to vie it out in the final round tomorrow, we thought we’d … Read more →

Competitors #49—#52

#49 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF IRELAND STEPHEN MORRISSEY I was lucky enough to score a shot of Stephen’s espresso this morning back in the prep room, and man, it blew me away. Soooo sweet, so deep and complex. Roasted by Anette, who roasted James’ WBC-winning espresso last year, the coffee is … Read more →

Competitors #44—#48

#44 NATIONAL CHAMPION OF THAILAND SIRITHAI RANGJANTHUEK There are really very few women in this years WBC, but I’m happy t see that Sirthai is one of them. She’s quite the professional, and a darling in person, too. She breaks out the Terra cups, and she’s wowwing the crowd with … Read more →

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