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Bruised Reg

I think I’ve been in a bit of a bubble. I say this because I’ve recently discovered the true joy of a simple piece of equipment that many, many baristas have been using for a very long time, and I failed to pay much attention to, or take the opportunity to … Read more →

A Question of Priorities

So I’ve been back from Tokyo for 48 hours or so now, and in that span of time I’ve enjoyed a lovely pot of Stumptown’s new Hondouran Finca El Puente Matilda, a Tanzanian from Batdorf, and the ultimate decadence of a Stumptown’s Panama Esmeralda Especial. I greatly enjoyed the brews … Read more →

Kompai! – WBC Tokyo Shout Outs (Updated)

The little guys pictured about are Jizo, the Japanese patron saint of children and travelers, and as all the people who made the 2007 WBC such a success head home, we wish them all safe journeys. Of course the fact that this WBC was such resounding success was no accident. … Read more →

James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion

James Hoffmann, the barista champion of the United Kingdom, is now the barista champion of the world. James is a terrific person, a great barista and will surely be a wonderful ambassador for specialty coffee and of the barista profession to the world. He replaces Klaus Thomsen in the role, … Read more →

WBC Day 3 – The Finals

Well it’s no surprise by now, the day after the WBC came to a close, who won. But it may be a surprise for those of you who weren’t able to be here in Tokyo to see just what happened yesterday at 10:30 am. First let me set this up … Read more →

More photos from the WBC are on their way!

Ken is getting his beauty sleep right now, after a late night partying with this guy: That’s the very handsome and amazing Luis from the Salvadoran coffee council, by the way. Luis is one of the biggest advocates of the barista craft, involving his organization through sponsorship in the Nordic … Read more →

It's Hoffmannia!!!

James Hoffmann, the barista champion of the United Kingdom, claimed the World Barista Championship in Tokyo today! Congratulations, James! James edged out American barista champion Heather Perry for the title, while New Zealand’s Carl Sara placed third. Fourth went to the home country competitor, Miyuki Miyamae, of Japan. Swiss competitor, … Read more →

2007 WBC Finalists

Wow! One way or another, the barista world will not be the same after tomorrow. This year’s finalists are Heather Perry from the United States, James Hoffmann of the United Kingdom, Silvia Magalhaes from Brazil, New Zealand’s Carl Sara, Anna Kaepelli from Switzerland, and Miyuki Miyamae from Japan. Four of … Read more →

Day 2 – Competitors 40-45

German barista champion, Matthias Lincke, overcame technical difficulties (the water hose for the espresso machine became disconnected) and a restart of his routine to deliver a fine performance. He was the only competitor I noticed that did not use the new rule allowing baristas to set the judges’ table during … Read more →

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