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Barista Champion of Korea: Youn Joo Yu

Everyone makes mistakes, but we were dismayed to see a big one we made in the new issue of Barista Magazine: we ran the wrong photo in the World Barista Championship ‘yearbook’ spread in the August/September issue for the Barista Champion of Korea. All 50 of the baristas representing their … Read more →

Sweet Fantasy Vienna!

Natvia‘s infamous Sweet Fantasy extravaganza ended in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, June 16, but we’re still reeling from the amazing photos, the thump-thump-thump of the dance floor that seems to have taken over our very soul, the colors and lights and sounds that swirled together to … Read more →

WBC Finalist #6: Stefanos Domatiotis, Greece

Confession: Stefanos is a really good friend of mine, so this post is personal for me. But anyone who has ever known and rooted for a barista in competition knows that being their friend is much harder than if they were a stranger: you have extremely high expectations for them, … Read more →

WBC Finalist #4: Colin Harmon, Ireland

Colin Harmon is a perennial crowd favorite. And it’s not because a rowdy bunch of Irish folks follow him from competition to competition, throwing green balloons and cheering him til their voices go hoarse. No, it’s because he is genuine, he is kind, he is professional. And Colin is also … Read more →

WBC Finalist #3: Raul Rodas, Guatemala

Everyone and their grandmother likes Raul Rodas; he’s just one of those guys. Actually, he’s unique in how beloved he is in this coffee industry. But there’s no big secret reason for it—he’s kind and friendly, he wants to meet everyone, not just the heavy hitters (of which he has … Read more →

WBC Finalist #2: Miki Suzuki, Japan

It’s almost impossible to fully concentrate on what Miki Suzuki is saying when she performs because she’s just so adorable and lovely in her interactions with the judges, and truly her profound passion for the coffee she uses. But you’d better pay attention because with Miki’s performance, you don’t want … Read more →

WBC Finalist #1: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, UK

Confession: I’ve fallen in love with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood this past week in Vienna. The Barista Champion of the United Kingdom is everything a champion should be: gracious, friendly, honest, and impeccable in his barista skills. It’s been a joy to watch him this week, and today in the WBC Finals, … Read more →

2012 World Barista Championship Finalists!

(in no particular order) BARISTA CHAMPION OF THE UK: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood BARISTA CHAMPION OF MEXICO: Fabrizio Sencíon Ramírez BARISTA CHAMPION OF JAPAN: Miki Suzuki BARISTA CHAMPION OF GREECE: Stefanos Domatiotis BARISTA CHAMPION OF IRELAND: Colin Harmon BARISTA CHAMPION OF GUATEMALA: Raul Rodas Watch these 6 amazing baristas compete for the … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #12: Daniel Mendez, El Salvador

Daniel Mendez had something of a special trainer: as he hails from the same company as 2011 WBC Champ Alejandro Mendez, Alejandro was his coach. And the expertise Alejandro used to win the WBC in 2011 certainly helped his friend, Daniel, who delivered a rock’n’roll performance of coffee excellence in … Read more →

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