WBC Vienna 2012

WBC Semifinalist #11: Miki Suzuki, Japan

Miki Suzuki just dropped a big ol’ cute bomb up in here. Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a barista who is so adorable, so cute, and also so technically brilliant, and passionate about coffee. Miki went to Nicaragua to visit the farm where her coffees came from, … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #9: Stefanos Domatiotis, Greece

This is the sixth—that’s right, SIXTH—time Stefanos has represented his country at the World Barista Championship. He’s come close to the crown before, but never quite reached it. So this past year, he made his entire life about this week in Vienna, and committed fully to presenting his exceptional coffee … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #8: Colin Harmon, Ireland

Colin aimed high with his performance here in Vienna, and by aiming high, I mean breaking everything down to the bare bones, and reinventing what a baristacompetition performance, and thusly, a cafe service experience, should be. Have you ever seen a barista competitor spend the final 2.5 minutes of his/her … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #6: Matija Hrkac, Croatia

Matija Hrkac of Croatia began his performance with a thing of beauty: a siphon filled with cherries, golden plums, and red fruits, which he brewed in from of the judges. I was mesmerized watching the bright pink liquid boiling up and then down through the siphon. It would be only … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #5: Philipp Meier, Switzerland

Philipp Meier is undeniably professional, like the wisened restauranteur whose fine dining establishment you’ve been visiting for decades. But Philipp is in his 20s. To have this kind of presence and graciousness is not only a gift, but something he surely works on. Everyone, myself included, was utterly charmed by … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #4: Per Nordell, Sweden

Per Nordell, who owns a coffee roastery with his wife in the mountains of Sweden, made his performance all about contrasts: using a washed coffee from Antigua, Guatemala, Per discussed how the flavors from that mountainous coffee worked perfectly with the regional, traditional spices and flavors from his own mountainous … Read more →

WBC Semifinalist #3: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, UK

Of course Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is British—he’s SO British. Charming, witty, polite, and engaging. His performance is a slow dance, peppered with some swing. I just loved it. He swooned over his coffee, a Bolivian from Producer Valentine, whose 10-hectare lot produces this exceptional coffee known for the sweetness of tomatoes … Read more →

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