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Decent Espresso—In Your Kitchen, for Less Than $1K—Is Here

From the ashes of the famously failed ZPM Kickstarter comes Decent Espresso with a machine that delivers on ZPM’s promises BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Almost every discussion of brewing coffee at home centers around drip coffee. The variables are not only easy to control, but the solutions … Read more →


Black Eagle Gravimetric Events Coming to NYC, Maine

The Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric Espresso Machine to Make Its East Coast Debut this Week One of the highlights of this year’s Specialty Coffee Association of America Conference in Seattle was an evening event hosted by Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino to introduce the new Victoria Arduino Black Eagle … Read more →

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COIL: A New Adventure in Cold Brew Coffee

By Sarah Richmond SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE In recent years, coffee industry professionals have increased their attention to the growing demand for properly brewed iced coffee that not only excels in taste but in aromatics as well. However, the market has remained relatively sparse for single serving cold brewing devices … Read more →


Make It Your Own: Dalla Corte’s EVO2 Blackboard Espresso Machine Contest Invites Artists to Compete for $500 at SCAA

Registration is open for artists who would like to try their hand imagining a creative design in chalk on Dalla Corte’s EVO2 Blackboard Espresso Machine at SCAA in Seattle When Dalla Corte debuted its EVO2 Blackboard Espresso Machine, we simultaneously swooned and smacked our head in a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that way. It’s absolutely … Read more →


Hey, Cutie: La Marzocco Launches Linea Mini

How can something as high tech and ultra pro as the Linea Mini espresso machine—just launched today—be so damn cute? Because it comes from La Marzocco, that’s why. The company is known as much for its amazingly well-built, long lasting, and top-quality products, as it is for style and coolness, so … Read more →


La Marzocco Home Grinder: Collaboration with Mazzer

La Marzocco USA announced today the release of the Lux D grinder, designed to accompany the La Marzocco Home line. I had the pleasure of spending the day at La Marzocco’s lab and offices in Seattle in September, getting an up-close early look at all the components of the La … Read more →

Ryan Cross of Ristretto Roasters brewed coffee for guests at Seattle Coffee Gear's grand opening in Portland. Ristretto is one of many local specialty coffee roasters whose products are available for purchase at the new Portland store.

Seattle Coffee Gear Hits Portland With A Badass Showroom

By Jon Shadel SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Seattle is world-famous for its exported coffee brands. So it’s not surprising to see Seattle Coffee Gear expanding beyond the Emerald City. The company recently held a grand opening celebration for its Portland, Ore., store. And like its Seattle location, the Portland store … Read more →


Intriguing New Brewer: The Immerset

Kickstarter’s the best, you know? How many awesome products have been born from brainiacs we never would have heard about were it not for this great funding site? I was interested to learn about Chic Kelty’s project, the Immerset brewer. It’s like a V60 meets a Clever, but with more … Read more →