NBC – Sweden 2007

NBC Day 2

The second day of the 2007 Nordic Barista Cup is underway! This morning features the Nordic Roasters Competition. This is a new competition this year: 10 roasters from the Nordic countries have submitted coffees to be blind judged by the attendees of the NBC. The five teams — Norway, Sweden, … Read more →

About Last Night…

There’s a reason folks have bleary eyes this morning… those Swedes sure can show a girl (or a few hundred girls and boys) a good time! At the close of yesterday’s activities in the big white tent, we left en masse and walked to the harbor, where we boarded a … Read more →

NBC Videos Online Now!

You can check out video highlights of the NBC online now at You can see a video welcome to the event here. Here, World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann, is interviewed by Barista Magazine’s Sarah Allen. And you can find all sorts of other videos at the Nordic Barista Cup website, … Read more →

Beautiful Nicaragua

The Nordic Barista Cup is honored to have the esteemed Roberto Bendaña in attendance for this year’s event. A member of the Cup of Excellence Board of Directors, and the Chairman of the Nicaraguan Specialty Coffee Association, Roberto is an incredible presence in the international coffee industry, and an intense … Read more →

Who's Your Sommelier?

As some readers have noted, a few teams here at the NBC received a cash payment for their cafés if they had a “correct” sommelier, which naturally raises the question, what’s an “incorrect” sommelier? Basically, it’s this: a “correct” sommelier is someone who has actually worked as a sommelier and … Read more →

So Where Would You Invest?

The investors here put most of their funds into Team Finland’s café based on their presentation of their business plan, but everyone at the NBC would like to know what you think. So here are the business plans of all five teams as PowerPoint presentations that you can review for … Read more →

Real-Time Scores Now Online!

Team Finland has a lock on the highest point score at the moment, having secured B$4250 for their business plan for their future coffee shop. But points will change, rise and fall throughout all three days. So how do you keep up from the comfort of your couch half-way around … Read more →

Finland's Business Plan Wins!

When all of the business plans were submitted and reviewed by the investors, Team Finland walked away with the most cash and investor support for their café. Investors were impressed by Café Avec, the Finnish proposal, for among other reasons because of its incorporation of selling handmade local goods, and … Read more →

The Future Coffee Shop –

Visions from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark Down to business: The five Nordic Barista Cup teams assembled at 10:45 a.m. to present their visions for their dream cafés to potential investors. In this case, the investors were members of the NBC Board—Matts Johansson, Andreas Kragh, Ave Pilt, Addy Hedinsdottir, … Read more →

Meet the Judges

The NBC has a new set of judges this year, as it does every year. But unlike past years where each judge was responsible for judging all aspects of one team, this year each judge has one responsibility for every team. Sonja from Iceland will judge each team on their … Read more →

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