Nordic Barista Cup

George Howell is the Man

I feel very smart right now, thanks to George Howell. I think we all do—his lecture on processing methods this morning was just fascinating. Check out the video Zachary will post soon to watch the lecture in its entirety. I promise you it’s worth it. George knew he was talking … Read more →

Welcome to the Nordic Roaster in Oslo!

Yes, welcome! Oslo, Norway, couldn’t be more beautiful—plenty of sunshne, and leafy trees all turning colors as fall approaches. But as lovely as it is, we’re not here to look at the scenery—we’re here to learn about coffee! Today, Wednesday, September 15, is the first day of what is a … Read more →

Nordic Barista Cup Hits Costa Rica

Here we all are, in beautiful Costa Rica… After the entire group had assembled in San Jose, Costa Rica, hailing from Denmark, Estonia and the United States on Saturday, we all relaxed for an afternoon at the pool before heading out in our trusty bus for Nacientes Palmichal, a spectacular … Read more →

Final Results of the Nordic Roaster

For the second year in a row, Tim Wendelboe took first-place honors at the Nordic Roaster. Here are the rest of the results for the total 10 roasting companies involved in the event. 1st place: Tim Wendelboe, Tekangu, 27 votes 2nd place: Solberg & Hansen, Finca Kilimanjaro, 16 votes 3rd … Read more →

A Crazy Night in Reykjavik, NBC Style…

It’s impossible to put into words what a Gala Dinner and after party at a Nordic Barista Cup event is like… you just have to experience one yourself (which is a big hint that you should prepare yourself to attend the 2010 NBC in Oslo, Norway, in September of next … Read more →

Nordic Barista Cup by the Numbers

You may wonder how the five teams in the Nordic Barista Cup are scored? Well, they are evaluated on team spirit and enthusiasm, coffee knowledge and abilities and finally, the amount of money each team raised at the Public Day for the charity project, Manos Abiertas, which is a nonprofit … Read more →

And the winner is… Team Denmark!

Congratulations to this year’s NBC winning team: Team Denmark! While each team did well, and this year’s NBC was certainly one for the ages, Team Denmark, because of their exceptional teamwork and team spirit as identified by the judges, finished with the highest score. As the winning team, the members … Read more →

NBC Auction a Huge Success!

There are countless extraordinary items for auction here, from original artwork by Reykjavik artists, to dates with members of the smokin hot Swedish Barista Team, to a six-foot high pyramid of coffee cups, to the famous—or infamous?—goat trophy that Klaus won in 2006 at the World Barista Championship in Bern, … Read more →

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