Nordic Barista Cup

Team Sweden Wins Day #2!

In the true spirit of the Nordic Barista Cup, there’s no telling who will be the winner until the end of this entire event, which concludes tonight—Saturday (um, er make that Sunday morning, given the way these people party). On Day 1, Team Denmark had the most points (and their … Read more →

NBC Day 2 – Pool Party

So the second half of the day today was spent at a pool nearby where our huts and cabins are. And yes, there was a theme, as you can probably guess from the above image. So after everyone had gathered in either the heated pool or the three giant spas … Read more →

Into the Iceland Wild

This place is SO lovely, so deep in the woods, but we are hardly roughing it: the cabins we’re staying in today for our second night are absolutely beautiful, with hot tubs and a bar, of course! Here are some images from this morning, walking around our area…

NBC Day 2 – Build it, Beer it, Brew it

Now that’s a competition! The back to the basics theme really got things started this morning with a very cool competition unlike any I’ve ever seen. And in an interesting twist, the attendees joined the teams in the challenge: build a primitive roaster and grinder, and roast and grind coffee. … Read more →

Day 1 – From Reykjavík to the Wild

So a few things have happened since last we posted. Following the longstanding Icelandic tradition of a spontaneous afternoon dance party, Dr. Munchow, Morton if you please, took the podium once again to give a fascinating presentation, putting into layman’s terms exactly what is happening when you steam milk to … Read more →

Fun In The Afternoon

We’re not just being crazy and having fun here in Iceland—well, not all the time. We’re doing a lot of learning, as well. After a delicious lunch of vegetarian Icelandic sandwiches, we headed in to a lecture by Morten Munchow of the Copenhagen Coffee Academy about the science of roasting. … Read more →

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