Nordic Barista Cup

Open for Business!

The Swedes are crazy for the Nordic Barista Cup! Thanks to a lot of sunshine, the people of Gothenburg are out and about on this lovely Saturday afternoon, and they’re coming in droves to see what this barista thing is all about. . . The five Nordic teams have done … Read more →

Good Morning, NBC Day 3!

It’s hard to believe we are almost to the end of the event! But as tradition dictates, the final day of the Nordic Barista Cup 2007 will be the most exciting one yet. This morning, attendees have left to participate in a café crawl through the city of Gothenburg. We … Read more →

White Party Insanity

What can we tell you about the White Party? It was NUTS. We arrived at 7:30, dressed in white. Actually, I was wearing all white; Ken just had a white shirt, white hat and blue jeans. So upon entering, Ken — along with anyone else who wasn’t wearing a completely … Read more →

Roasting Winner!

The first ever Nordic Roaster of the Year competition has a winner! Solberg & Hansen took top honors for their coffee — a blend of Kenyan (90 percent) and Salvadoran (10 percent) — in a blind judging event this morning at the NBC. Some 150 attendees tasted 10 coffees from … Read more →

It's Never Too Early…for FINLAND!

So, you’ve been reading all about the fun everyone is having at the Nordic Barista Cup in Sweden, and you’re thinking, “Maybe I should try to go to the next one!” Good idea! The lovely Bjorg Brend, who handles an enormous amount of details and planning of the Nordic Barista … Read more →

Are We Having Fun Yet?

You bet we are! Yes, it was painful to get out of bed this morning at 7, but not a bother considering we know how much fun is in store for us. Here are some shots of the good times we’re all having right here in Gothenburg, Sweden…

Our Favorite Color: Beige

Svensk Mjölk (the Swedish Dairy Association) developed one of the most innovative programs to increase milk consumption in the world: The Beige Project. Interestingly, the project was getting off the ground around the same time as the Nordic Barista Cup, so it was a natural fit for the two to … Read more →

Crazy Latte Art Competition!

Perhaps inspired by WBC champ James Hoffmann’s call for absurd latte art on his website (, Nordic Barista Cup teams participated in a race to create latte art in cupping trays. Keep in mind, too, that this took place right after an enormous, delicious lunch by Hello Monkey. So perhaps … Read more →

NBC Day 2

The second day of the 2007 Nordic Barista Cup is underway! This morning features the Nordic Roasters Competition. This is a new competition this year: 10 roasters from the Nordic countries have submitted coffees to be blind judged by the attendees of the NBC. The five teams — Norway, Sweden, … Read more →

About Last Night…

There’s a reason folks have bleary eyes this morning… those Swedes sure can show a girl (or a few hundred girls and boys) a good time! At the close of yesterday’s activities in the big white tent, we left en masse and walked to the harbor, where we boarded a … Read more →

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