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Water Ave. Coffee Implements Exciting Food Menu

Inspired by cafes in Australia, Matt and Bruce Milletto expand Water Avenue Coffee’s food program into sophisticated format Cafes in the United States still have a long way to go in terms of food—typically a cafe serves coffee, and restaurants serve food, and never the twain shall meet. Other than … Read more →


The Ultimate Fine Dining/Coffee Experience

It’s not like there’s really ever a day when I don’t wake up in the morning and think, wouldn’t it be cool to be in Hawaii today? But the day I’m going to be mooning over the Big Island the most is coming right up, and there’s even more of … Read more →


Lessons from the Oregon Wine Industry

Last week’s meeting with Congressman Earl Blumenauer brought a couple of esteemed members of the Oregon wine industry in to meet with the local coffee roaster and retailing community. The Congressman had said in prior Roasters Forums that he felt there were a lot of similarities between the two groups … Read more →

Activate Your Brain! (And Change Your Taste?)

Here’s an interesting story from the world of wine that relates rather directly, I think, to coffee. Researchers at Cal-Tech recently did a study where subjects were asked to taste different wines and rate them. The subjects were told they were tasting five distinct wines (cabernets) ranging in price from … Read more →

Food Carts: Wave of the Future?

Way back in 1989, Lloyd Dobler claimed that kickboxing was the sport of the future. Twenty years later, eh… not so much. (But I suppose he might have been onto something foreshadowing the rise of MMA.) Now for the last couple of years here is Portland, we’ve seen a huge … Read more →

Barista Pinotage, that is, coffee wine

Our friends who live in South Africa, Loren and Caroline, are coming to visit this week, which is always exciting. Ken just got an email from Loren asking if there was anything we wanted him and Caroline to bring us from Johannesburg. Besides a baby elephant, we couldn’t think of … Read more →

Wish You Were Here…

Slow Food Nation kicked off today in San Francisco! But actually, I’m not “here” to wish you were here. I’m mellowing back in Portland and excitedly receiving photos from my friends who are there. To be perfectly honest, I’m ok with sitting this one out, since Ken just got back … Read more →

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