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Coffee Podcasts 2.0: Coffee Awesome

Our blog series on the specialty-coffee industry’s most innovative podcasts continues. This week: Coffee Awesome by Björg Brend Laird BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE One of the reasons I was drawn to the topic of coffee podcasts was because I’ve personally been able to learn so much information, coffee-related and otherwise, … Read more →


Coffee Podcasts 2.0: Coffee Geek

Our blog series on the specialty-coffee industry’s most innovative podcasts continues. Next up: Coffee Geek by Mark Prince BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE In 1997, when you could count the number of speciality roasters on your fingers, a photographer named Mark Prince started writing about coffee on a page on … Read more →


Coffee Podcasts 2.0: Cat & Cloud, by Jared Truby and Chris Baca

Today, we launch a blog series on the specialty-coffee industry’s most innovative podcasts! First up: Cat & Cloud BY ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE It’s impossible to ignore the popularity of podcasts. Since NPR released its long-form suspense narrative, Serial, podcasting has become a popular way for consumers to absorb information and … Read more →


Hilarious Coffee Ad Spoof by Cuvee

I was chilling with Mike McKim—head honcho of Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas—today at La Marzocco’s Out of the Box kick off party tonight in Milan when he told me about this ad he and his gang made. It’s HILARIOUS. It’s worth every second of the 1 minute and 45 … Read more →

Monkey Mocha Fantastique Premiere!

On April 14th, in Louisville, Kentucky, Sunergos Coffee will hosting the premiere of Monkey Mocha Fantastique, a latte art competition, and coffee sampling. Seriously, if Barista Nation Portland, and the Specialty Coffee Association of America/US Barista Championship show weren’t happening next week, we would so be there. But if you’re … Read more →

Screening: Colombia, in Portland

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which is based here in Portland, Ore., is known for the stunning films it’s had created of source trips through Africa, Central and South America. Trevor Fife, who—along with Autumn Campbell—has created these films, which I consider some of the best and brightest ever to be made … Read more →

A little video from Nuova Simonelli

Sarah posted this video earlier today on our facebook page, and it seems pretty popular there, so I thought for everyone out there who’s not on the book of faces, you might like to see it too. [youtube h0pgb8BnosI]

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