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Bikes to Rwanda T-shirts: A Great Holiday Gift!

After a quiet year of administrative organization, Bikes to Rwanda is back and ready to be better and more successful than ever in 2010! I’m part of the steering committee that met on Tuesday to discuss plans to hire a new Executive Director (check back here, on the Stumptown Coffee … Read more →

San Francisco!

Long story short: the Barefoot folk throw a damn fine BBQ. They wore me out so I crashed early, but Clara kept going. A true champ. So we woke up at the leisurely hour of 9 this morning and headed for San Francisco. Have we mentioned it’s HOT here in … Read more →

Hit it!

After an excruciating time spent at the Hertz rental car counter this morning, Clara and I finally got hold of our rental Prius and cruised on out of Portland, Northern California in our sights. To be fair, we were pleased that Hertz actually had the Prius for us (think of … Read more →