A $20,000 cup of coffee?

Well that’s the headline in the New York Times anyway. Cool story today with quotes from our friends at Intelligentsia, Stumptown and Bluebottle about the rebirth of brewed coffee focusing on the really rad siphon bar at Bluebottle and the Clover as it continues to make its mark on the … Read more →

A New Bag

Yesterday, here in Seattle, we proudly released our new packaging at Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  In our on-going pursuit to give more information to our customers about the fantastic coffees we bring to them, each bag features a card giving farm information, varietal, altitude, and exact coordinates of the farm(so if … Read more →

Taking customer service to a new level

She was a barista at Joe; he was a drip-coffee drinker. Now she’s his wife and he drinks macchiatos…at least sometimes. Just your average over-the-counter love story! Thanks to the whole coffee community for cosmically convening and introducing me to my husband, albeit indirectly. Talk about your bean dreams! -Meister

Single Origin!

At Ritual, about a week ago, we launched our first SO shots! Baca had been messing around in our ghetto basement lab and finally decided that he nailed the coffee we were going to use to do this. He’s got great taste because he chose our very first CoE purchase … Read more →

introducing…. Kevin

I’m not normally one to discuss politics too openly, as for many it’s a heated and passionate topic. But in this case, I wanted to introuduce you to Australia’s new Prime Minister. Last Saturday 24th November we held our Federal election, and Australia voted in a new government and a … Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everybody here at Barista Magazine wishes everyone everywhere a very Happy Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day as it’s affectionately known by my nephews. Above you see members of Turkey’s parliament fighting over the last of the pumpkin pie. Those of you who may be unfamiliar with Thanksgiving will find this video … Read more →

Rainy Days And Stew Gone By

It rains a lot in Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest in general can become rather gray and dismal around these approaching winter months, but Seattle has the notoriety of representing this fact.  Often times you will hear the debate between Portlanders and Seattle-ites over who has the most gloom to offer … Read more →

oh… right, that barista jam thing

I’ve been expecting something exciting and interesting to happen soon at the shop. Something Barista Mag Blog worthy… I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. Then I remembered that we had that barista jam with Metropolis Coffee like, 3 months ago. This was something we had been discussing with Tony and … Read more →

The Tone & Sonja Show, Part 2

Here’s the second part of Tone and Sonja wedding greeting to me and Ken! (So that means the video in the post below this one is part 1). WARNING: If you can’t view this video (maybe if you’re using Firefox. It shows up if you open the blog in Safari), … Read more →

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