Jam in Metro Detroit

Tom Isaia from Coffee Expresso Co., in Plymouth, Michigan, wrote to me a few weeks ago to tell me about a jam he was putting together in the metro Detroit area, and I asked if he wouldn’t mind getting back to me to let me know how it all went. … Read more →

Pacific Foods Sets a Great Example

We were excited to hear that our friends (and neighbors, since the company is just a few miles from Portland), Pacific Natural Foods recently earned praise for its deeply rooted commitment to sustainable business practices and shared annual results of its ongoing efforts. Way to go, Pacific Foods! The family-owned … Read more →

New World Latte Art Competition

It’ll take a while for all the longtime attendee of and competitors in Coffee Fest‘s well-known latte art contests to stop referring to them as the BLANK (starts with an M, ends with an -illrock) Latte Art Competitions, but that title sponsor has stepped down from supporting the competitions—so there’s … Read more →

Thank you, Science!

Ok, so the first decade of the 21st century is already behind us, and still where are the jetpacks? Where are the flying cars? Well, sure you can see a flying car at every Blazers‘ game, but not to spoil the illusion, it’s really just a balloon. Now, however, science … Read more →

Nordic Roaster by the Numbers

The Nordic Roaster event was, as it is every year, an exciting and intellectual activity. Ten coffee roasters submitted coffee to be judged by a panel of both their peers and members of the public. The roasters could note brewing parameters to be followed, and the merry band of NBC … Read more →

Preparing for the Public Event!

We woke up painfully early today—6 a.m.—to depart from our magical huts in the wilderness, for an exciting day back in Reykjavik: the traditional “public day,” where the five Nordic Barista Cup teams will prepare and serve coffee to the public in various forms. Money will be raised for Manos … Read more →

Good Morning NBC!

After some much needed sleep last night, everyone is raring to go this morning, as day number one of the 2009 Nordic Barista Cup (NBC) begins! You would hardly believe it’s just 8 in the morning, as spirits are high and latte art is being poured. Here’s the scoop: while … Read more →

Nica Nica Nica

It’s really nice to be back in Nicaragua — what a warm, welcoming country. Today was Day 1 of the —get this— 50th Cup of Excellence competition. It’s a big deal competition with an all-star jury on deck. Today was calibration, which was super interesting for me — this is … Read more →

And in other news…

We’re having a great time here in Atlanta at another amazing WBC, but I couldn’t let this moment pass without noting it. So Barista Magazine just turned four. And the Portland Trail Blazers after six years out of the play-offs had an incredible season, won 54! games and just landed … Read more →

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