Clover Gets Wired

So a couple of days ago my father-in-law asked if we had seen the new issue of Wired yet. It’s one of my favorite magazines, and since my father-in-law loves geeky tech stuff as much as me I bought him a subscription last year for Christmas. Anyway, the answer was no, but he said to keep an eye out for it.And what do you know but it arrived yesterday and it has one of the first in-depth consumer magazine stories I’ve seen about the Clover and Starbucks acquisition of the Coffee Equipment Company. You can read it online here:

It’s a very interesting story and actually filled me in on a bit of the behind the scenes/acquisition of the Starbucks/Clover saga that I hadn’t heard before. And I’m more than a little jealous that Zander got his picture smack in the middle of Wired. Cool.

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