Dr. Todd Whiskers

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Both yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful Portland fall days: bright sunshine, oh-so-crisp air. I just got back from taking the dog to play tennis ball at the park, and now we’re both warming up from the briskness.


Ken and I spent Thanksgiving day at his brother Mike’s house, with our sister-in-law Kristi, nephews Josh and Jack, and Mike and Ken’s folks, Janie and Bruce. We had awesome food and a lot of laughs, many surrounding our new fictional cat friend, Dr. Todd Whiskers. See, as Ken and I were driving to Mike and Kristi’s house, we saw an apartment complex called Todd Village. The ensuing conversation went like this:

Sarah, pointing to Todd Village: “If my name were Todd, I’d totally want to live there.

Ken: “Your name can’t be Todd.”

Sarah: “Fine, then I’ll name our next cat Todd.”

Ken: “Why would we name our next cat Todd?”

Sarah: “It’s better than Mr. Whiskers, isn’t it?”

Ken: “Who’s Mr. Whiskers?”

Sarah: “Well, that could easily be our next cat’s name, right? Or we could call him Mr. Todd Whiskers.”

Ken: (Silence)

Sarah: “Wait, how about DOCTOR Todd Whiskers? That sounds way better. Paging Dr. Whiskers! Dr. Todd Whiskers! See?”

And so, the vision for Dr. Todd Whiskers was born. I think he’d look something like this:


And his patients could be cats like this:


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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