Let’s Play Humpday Giveaway – May 22 Edition


In a word this Wednesday, we are excited! Tomorrow is the start of the 2013 World Barista Championship! Woohoo! You can watch all the competitors streaming live here. (That’s for both the WBC and the World Brewers Cup, by the way!) You can also follow all of our coverage from Melbourne here.

But not everyone is lucky enough to make it to Melbourne, and not everyone is a barista competitor. But on Humpday, everyone everywhere can play and get a chance to win!

Win this Humpday Giveaway, and a whole year of BMag can be yours!

Win this Humpday Giveaway, and a whole year of BMag can be yours!

In fact this week, we’re going to have multiple winners! We are giving away three one-year subscriptions to Barista Magazine! All you have to do is answer the question, and your name will be entered to win. (What? You’ve already got a subscription? Well, first of all, thank you! You’re awesome! Second, go ahead and enter anyway, if you win, let us know you’re already a subscriber and we’ll add a year to your sub, or you can gift it to anyone you want!)

So here’s this week’s question: (and yes, we’re still on our WBC jag, so we’re going to give you another question from the WBC files.)

Which country has produced more World Barista Champions than any other, what are their names, and what years did they win?

So yes, you’re going to have to give us a lot information to get this one right, and we also need your FIRST and LAST name. Give us your answers in the comments section to this post.

Humpday Giveaway is open from 7:00 AM PDT May 22 until 6:59AM PDT May 23. Good luck!

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