North Central AeroPress Championship This Sunday!


One of the most popular regional coffee events just happens to be one built completely independently—the North Central AeroPress Championship is back.

This Sunday at 3 p.m. in Detroit, Michigan, Anthology Coffee (1401 Vermont Street) will play host to the competition that was crazy exciting in 2013. This regional competition will send its winner to the SCAA show in Seattle to compete in the United States AeroPress Championship.

There are some crazy awesome prizes to be won at the North Central AeroPress Championship, too—sponsors are Café Imports, Barista Magazine, Aerobie, Able Brewing, Halfwit Coffee, Anthology Coffee, Madcap Coffee, and Populace Coffee.

The judges are:
Ryan Knapp, Madcap Coffee
Josh Longsdorf, Anthology Coffee
Chris Oppenhuis, Dark Matter Coffee

And the competitors in the 2014 North Central AeroPress Championship are…

1. Edward Yashin from Espresso Elevado | Plymouth, Michigan

2. Hernan Juarez-Martinez | Detroit, Michigan

3. Jeremy Mason from Craft & Mason Coffee | Lansing, Michigan

4. Derek Craig from Anthology Coffee | Detroit, Michigan

5. Alex Fesili from Ugly Mug Cafe and Roastery | Ypsilanti, Michigan

6. Rachel Duchene from Ugly Mug Cafe and Roastery | Ypsilanti, Michigan

7. Gregory Rousson from Ugly Mug Cafe and Roastery | Ypsilanti, Michigan

8. Jess Harmon from Comet Coffee | Ann Arbor, Michigan

9. Travis Kendrex from Ugly Mug Cafe and Roastery | Ypsilanti, Michigan

10. Alyssa Goch from Anthology Coffee | Detroit, Michigan

11. Thom Fogarty from Anthology Coffee | Detroit, Michigan

12. Matt Lowther | Michigan

13. Christopher Plemmons | Michigan

14. Omar Herrera | Michigan

15. Ryan Wojton from MADCAP Coffee | Grand Rapids, Michigan

16. Brian Voortman from MADCAP Coffee | Grand Rapids, Michigan

17. Madeline Carr from Comet Coffee | Ann Arbor, Michigan

18. Broderick Drouillard | Michigan

19. Justin Beavers from Rowster Coffee | Grand Rapids, Michigan

20. Cara Nader from Strange Matter Coffee Co. | East Lansing, Michigan

21. Mark VanTongeren from Ferris Coffee | Grand Rapids, Michigan

22. Robbie Krask from The Wormhole Coffee | Chicago, Illinois

23. Carmen Giles from The Wormhole Coffee | Chicago, Illinois

24. Stevie Baka from Halfwit Coffee Roasters | Chicago, Illinois

25. Spencer McQueen Traverse City, Michigan


Good luck, everyone!

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