WBC Countdown: Barista Champion of the UK John Gordon




Barista Mag: Before coffee, did you work in a different job or industry, or what did you study in school?

John: I worked for several years in the security industry

BMag: How did you get started in coffee?

John: My fiancee Jessica got me into coffee.

BMag: What was your first amazing experience with coffee?

John: A Natural processed Ethiopian Harrar around 8 years ago.


BMag: Who has been your greatest influence in coffee? Why?

John: Steve Leighton, James Hoffmann, Jessica MacDonald, and Anette Moldvaer

BMag: What would you like to see change about the coffee industry/community?

John: Less negativity, more positivity.

BMag: Name a barista you admire, and why:

John: Sang Ho Park. He is the most talented barista I know.

BMag: Besides your own cafe, what cafe do you think everyone should visit?

John: Colonna & Smalls, Bath, UK ( owned by 2012 UK Barista Champion Maxwell & Leslie )

BMag: Which coffee producing country you would like to visit, and why?

John: Ethiopia. My most favorite coffees have been from Ethiopia. I even named my cat after an Ethiopian coffee.

BMag: What are your interests outside of coffee?

John: Tattoos, wood turning, fixing things

BMag: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

John: Still in the coffee industry I hope.

BMag: Is there anyone you would like to thank or who helped you prepare for the WBC?

John: Jessica MacDonald; Sang Ho Park; the whole team at Square Mile Coffee Roasters (Best Team in the World)

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